I miss you..

I miss our good morning/goodnight texts

I miss being able to talk all day and night

I miss our Friday date nights; we got food from our favorite pizza place and rented movies from Redbox

I miss hearing your voice say my name

I miss your hugs

I miss your kisses

I miss smelling your cologne

I miss your laugh

I miss our stupid jokes

I miss our endless and sometimes pointless conversations

I miss holding your hand

I miss your random calls 

I miss having you hold me when I had a bad day 

I miss having my best friend around

I miss having you drive me around all the time and you saying that you were “driving Ms. Daisy” 

I miss knowing that if something bad happened that you were only a phone call away 

I miss last summer when we took advantage of our time together and didn’t worry about the upcoming months 

I miss our random midnight McDonald’s runs 

I miss going on double dates with you and our best friends 

I miss our game nights (even though you always won every game we played) 

I miss when you weren’t 790 miles away 

I miss you 

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