The beginning of our military journey

The end of May was a time I had been dreading for the past 3 months.. and it finally came. It meant that my boyfriend was leaving for Navy bootcamp. I have been a mix of emotions- sad, scared, proud, unsure, excited for him, etc. He had never mentioned going into the military until the end of October last year; then he swore in and signed his contract in November. It was a very quick decision and process. Originally, he wasn’t leaving until August but, his rate got changed so his leave date got bumped up 3 months. So, now he is away at bootcamp and I am trying to adjust to a life without him constantly by my side.

This is mainly where the mix of emotions came from. It was like I blinked my eyes and the integrity of our relationship completely changed. I thought we would continue to be inseparable but, now that is all different. I now have to get used to going weeks and months without seeing him or even hearing from him (at times). And for the record, I am in no way disappointed in his decision to join the military at all and I will ALWAYS support him and his decision. It is just not what I expected our future to be like. The Navy is just an unexpected and new adventure/experience for our life together.

It has only been a dew days since he left and it’s definitely weird but, its not horrible because I know that this temporary distance between us with be worth it in the end. I mean, I’m not going to lie… there has been tears but, it is not like the end of the world. And when I do get sad, I just remember that he is doing an incredible thing for our country and our future as a couple. The sad/scared emotions are fixed with how overwhelmingly proud I am of him. I just keep reminding myself that this distance is not forever and that this will make our relationship so much stronger. I refuse to let the military break us. I feel like if we can get this, we can get through anything.

Plus, I really enjoy writing letters to him. It’s super old-fashioned and romantic đŸ™‚ I have made it part of my nightly routine to write to him and tell him how my day went. I want to keep him updated so, he doesn’t feel out of the loop when he gets home. However, I want him to stay focused on boot camp so, I haven’t been going into too much detail. I still can’t wait to get a call from him though! I’m just saying that having to write letters isn’t all that terrible. The letters that we write to each other will be great keepsakes.

Joining the military takes a lot of courage and determination. I am so grateful for all of the men and women who choose to join the Armed Forces to defend our country and freedom. They give up a little bit of their own freedom and sometimes their lives to defend ours and it is such a selfless thing to do! It is an incredible sacrifice that shall not go unnoticed in my book. A BIG thank you to all of those who choose to fight for our country. God bless you all! I am so proud to be a Navy girlfriend! I will always stand behind those who defend and protect our nation whether it be military personnel, police, firefighters, etc.

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