In love with my best friend

I know that is a commonly used phrase but, I can honestly say that I am head over heels in love with my best friend. We began our relationship as best friends and we are still best friends.

It all started when Joey messaged me on FaceBook (Thanks Mark Zuckerberg). I had seen his profile pop up on my news feed before but, I didn’t really know who he was. And then he messaged me… We connected right away and we talked for hours never missing a beat. Our conversation never got boring or had awkward pauses. We talked late into the night and promised to message each other in the morning.

The next day was Easter (April 5, 2015). Who knew it would be one of the most exciting and special days of my life thus far? It was a pretty normal day or so I thought; I went to my grandma’s for Easter lunch all the while messaging Joey. Long story short, I ended up running to the grocery store with my cousin and to my surprise Joey was also at that same grocery store. I just couldn’t believe the coincidence (now I understand that it was God working in both of our lives). He had just come from church so, he was wearing his Easter suit and he looked so good. And since I am an awkward person the first thing that comes out of my mouth is something about him looking “spiffy” *face palm*. But he ignored my awkwardness (thank God) and replied with one of the smoothest comebacks possible (that I will remember forever) followed by a wink that made my stomach feel like it had been filled with 1000s of butterflies. We ended up saying a few more things and then I left the store.

But, the day does not end there! We kept texting some more and then I invited him over to my grandma’s for lunch. So, he came over and meant my crazy family. And they didn’t scare him away! *SCORE*IMG_0448.jpg

(Our first picture together from Easter 2015 at my grandma’s for lunch).

We became instant best friends but, we both knew we wanted more than a friendship. It wasn’t until April 26, 2015 that we became “official” while Joey was in Haiti on a missions trip.

I am so thankful that we started our relationship with such a strong friendship backbone. We knew each other’s standards, wants, needs, likes, dislikes, etc. before diving into a relationship. And I think that is SO important for couples to understand about each other. You need to know- like really know- your significant other before you jump into a relationship. This eliminates the risk of feeling like you don’t know them later on. Joey and I are still best friends and this makes our communication with each other so much easier. We know each other like the backs of our hands. We know when the other is upset, sad, or just needing someone to listen to them vent. We just simply get each other.

Our relationship hasn’t been “perfect” but, I don’t believe that anyone’s relationship is truly picture perfect. There is always going to be bumps in the road that you both are going to have to work out together. Things will be hard at times but that shouldn’t break a relationship. Getting through hard times together is how you grow stronger as a couple.

We are constantly building each other up and making sure we are growing as individuals. Building each other up is essential to a strong and healthy relationship. We are each other’s biggest supporter. We tell each other when we are proud or when we are concerned. We say what needs to be said in order for us to grow as a couple.

And I am not going to lie, we spend a lot of time with each other. We do pretty much everything together, and that’s okay with me and nothing to be ashamed of. I spent my teenager years not having the best of influences so when I met Joey, my life did a 180 in the best way possible. He keeps me grounded in my faith and keeps me on the right path. So, I spend my time with him because he makes me happy and helps me grow as a Christian. He is the positive influence I needed in my life.

So, I can proudly say that I am in love with my best friend.

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