Hello Florida & Deployment

It's been a while since I have posted and that's because Joe and I moved to FLORIDA. This is the third move of 2018; luckily, it is going to be the last move for at least 3 years (God willing)! I can finally fully unpack, settle in, and decorate. It has been a lot of … Continue reading Hello Florida & Deployment


The journey of college

Lately, I have been a little hard on myself. I've been bouncing between career choices and I have decided to go back to nursing school. I started nursing school in 2016 and finished my prerequisites but, then switched to an online psychology degree when my husband joined the military because I knew we would be … Continue reading The journey of college


Throughout my life I've had a lot of people walk out of my life by choice; friends and family. I have had my heart broken by some of the closest people to me. And for a while I spent my time trying to figure how to fill the void or how to make them happy … Continue reading Contentment